Who we are

We are a company of
owners, based on a
partnership model,
focused on investing in

Our team is extense, made by professionals who have been working together for many years, with vast experience in equity investments in the Brazilian market.

Our work is our lifestyle.



We base our thinking mainly on:

Bottom-up approach
Focus on the companies

Circle of competence
Focus on Brazilian companies

Capital preservation
Position sizing and margin of safety

We are constantly seeking
to break the conventional logic
of achieving greater returns
through the incurrence of
higher risk.


"Principles connect
your values to your actions;
they are beacons that guide
your action, and help you
successfully deal with the
laws of reality. It is to your
principles that you turn when
you face hard choices. "

Ray Dailo

Be an independent thinker. This is the only way to build a special and lasting business. Fads disappear over time, strong results last.

Be transparent. Decision-making is based on ideas. There is no room for ego or hierarchy.

Conclude. Unfinished work is temporarily equal to unexistent work. Get rid of the excesses, keep the essential.

Be the manager of your own time. Give the “compound interest” of work a chance to add you a non-linear value.

Be irreplaceable. Being diligent, hardworking and technically capable is fundamental, but only the starting point, as they are replicable traits. To have a real edge, we have to go beyond.

Do what's right. Big or small, your attitudes shape the image of who you are and influence the people around you. Stay true to your principles and pass them on.