Funds Date (dd/mm) NAV / share % Day % Month % Year % 12
% 36
AuM Medium PL
Twelve months
Long Only
Sharp Equity Value Feeder FIC FIA28/024,47525016-0,30%2,67%-0,51%21,32%-2,93%R$ 577.787.066,54R$ 598.633.093,56Open
Sharp Equity Value FIA Inst28/023,56553737-0,28%2,60%-0,73%19,91%5,21%R$ 298.692.337,91R$ 298.647.307,53Open
Sharp Ibovespa Active Feeder FIC FIA28/024,05941805-0,86%1,93%-2,35%24,10%20,74%R$ 55.537.123,38R$ 54.505.829,14Closed
Long Biased
Sharp Long Biased FIA FIC Feeder28/022,346710560,08%1,69%0,38%20,12%20,48%R$ 412.717.079,15R$ 691.319.955,79Closed
Long Short
Sharp Long Short End28/029,048678790,16%0,56%1,76%12,18%33,19%R$ 93.346.505,76R$ 113.384.402,66Closed
Sharp Long 2X FIC FIM Feeder28/023,044344280,24%0,54%2,04%13,73%38,78%R$,15R$ 1.207.659.206,08Closed
IPCA + X Factor¹0,06%1,16%2,08%10,44%41,90%
Total assets under management R$ 10,978.35 million
(1) The factor "X" is defined on the last business day of each calendar semester for the subsequent semester, using the arithmetic average of the daily indicative rates in the three months prior to the closing of each semester, and taking into account that the daily indicative rate is the average of the indicative rates of the securities that make up IMA-B 5+ (securities with a maturity of five years or more) weighted by the weight in the index itself, disclosed by ANBIMA - Associação Brasileira das Entidades dos Mercados Financeiro e de Capitais (Brazilian Financial and Capital Markets Association), on its website at